Monday, September 21

Ahmadinejad's Access Denied -

We strongly agree with President Ahmadinejad
that the Holocaust "black box" should be open . . .

Who is denying him access for his research? Who is obstructing him? It is the current Iranian regime which is aggressively interfering with the Internet. The regime is blocking websites and using other manipulations to thwart research by the Iranian people, including its own President, who may not be able to even read my response to him.

Is information about the Holocaust available via the Internet? Yes, there is a lot of information available to the public. For example, if you want to read about the court proceedings of the Nuremberg Trials, you can read the court transcripts which have been made available to you. Much of the evidence presented in the courtroom was derived from the Nazi Government's own records.

Responsible newspapers should take President Ahmadinejad's complaint much more seriously and support his right to do research and investigation on the Internet without his regime obstructing his efforts.

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