Saturday, September 5

Iran: Their Shrinking Tent (5#) -

A former education minister recently indicated that plans are already being drawn up to sanitize the universities, eliminating any studies of humanities and social sciences, while installing the regime's syncretic interpretations of Islam as the only cult-like official doctrine being taught.

They don't want students; they just want monkeys on a string which they will yank once in a while at their caprice. It would certainly destroy what's left of their economy.

# A well-written article by Thomas Erdbrink at the WaPo on the peculiar about-face performance of Abtahi, which thoughtfully organizes complex information in an illuminating manner.

Like Abtahi, many [of those confessing] were prominent, mainstream members of Iranian society until the protests, when the government declared them enemies of the state...

"they managed in a short time to force
these perverts to confess their wrong beliefs."

# Forsooth turing gerund

# The publicly defiant Abdollah Ramezanzadeh
has received a two-month extension of his incarceration.

"I disagree with the general indictment that was read
during the first session by the deputy prosecutor."

+ Oh, boy! This monkey isn't dancing... yet.