Saturday, September 26

Mez: Friday
Favored the Defense -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Friday's testimony seemed like the first favorable development for Amanda Knox. A Defense expert, Prof Caltagirone, explained that Knox could have developed false memories under stress and, as a result, could have made a false confession.

Two questions flow from this:

-- 1) is it possible?
-- 2) and is it plausible?

I believe it is possible. People do make false
confessions under stress. It's not so unusual.

But is it plausible in this instance?
That is a more complex question.

What makes it less plausible to me is that the man who was convicted was Black, the man Knox accused was also Black, and Blacks are a minority in Italy where most of the population is White.

If both Guede and Lumumba were Italian Whites, this abstract theory would seem more plausible to me. But, by the same token, if your auntie had wheels, she'd be a tea cart.

:: Nick Pisa, UK Mail ::