Friday, October 9

Mez: The Chilled Labyrinth (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Proceedings for this case have resumed. Various requests for further clarification on some aspects are being submitted to the court.

Among them, Giulia Bongiorno and Luca Maori for the Defense are requesting more forensic experts to further clarify the Time of Death. I don't believe this is possible to ascertain with exactitude.

I view the cottage crime scene in its entirety as the product of design - as if it were the environment of a computer game. In this environment, which is configured internally as a sort of labyrinth, the front door was left open.

What was the purpose of
the open door as a design element?

The open door may have chilled the interior of the cottage so that the usual post-mortem processes could have been impacted with the possible effect of obscuring the TOD.

We'll try to check back later to see if
anything else develops out of today's hearing.

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