Tuesday, October 6

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Andrea Vogt reports that the University of Washington has instituted some changes since the arrest of Amanda Knox in how they deal with students participating in international programs, including those who find themselves in emergency situations.

Knox, who was arrested in Perugia, Italy, for the murder of her Eurasian roommate, allegedly sent an e-mail to the UW's assistant director of study abroad programs.

Knox's e-mail, Vogt reports, "has taken on particular importance because it is the most thorough written account of 'how I found my roommate murdered' before Knox's arrest."

The e-mail account allegedly differs from the narrative account which Knox gave to the Perugia authorities in the Italian police station. More recently, I believe, she also gave an account when she testified in court.

It looks like Dr Mignini's office put up a white board to chart these accounts - what a headache that must have been.

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