Monday, October 19

Weekend Snags (5#) -

Some Bloggers these days write from Closed Societies; they are now beginning to get recognition and even honors from the Mainstream Media . . .

Istanbul: Iranian journalist Delbar Tavakoli accepted the 2009 Mohamed Amin Award from Reuters Friday on behalf of Iranian Bloggers for their efforts to cover the disputed presidential election in their country as citizen journalists.

# Putting in the by-now standard virtual author tour appearance, Havana Blogger Yoani Sanchez accepted a Maria Moors Cabot Award from Columbia University for her Blog.

In a weirdly recursive article at The Miami Herald, Mirta Ojito describes the circumstances of the ceremony. The Herald does not publish a column by Sanchez.

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# Holden Frith reviews the movie version of The Men Who Stare at Goats, which recently made its debut at the London Film Festival.