Wednesday, December 9

Mez: MP Makes Diplo Visit (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Walter Verini, an Italian MP representing Umbria, visited Amanda Knox in prison, where she told him that she had no complaints about the legal process, according to Corriere della Sera newspaper. Her lawyers expect to appeal the verdict.

Perugia: "The city and its courts are the setting of Michael Dibdin's Rat King, the first stories of the deeds of the sardonic cop Aurelio Zen - as good as Maigret at his best.

One wonders what the ever-sceptical Aurelio Zen would have made of the conviction of Amanda Knox and her friend Raffaele Sollecito. Perhaps the more intemperate critics should read his chronicles to get a deeper understanding of the Italian way of law."

:: By Robert Fox at TFP ::

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