Sunday, December 6

Mez: Spinning To Perdition (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

The Kercher Family conducted a news conference on Saturday in which they indicated that they were at peace with the verdict. It will never replace Meredith, but it will give them a bit of consolation. They added, this is not an occasion for celebration.

# Meredith's friend, Kathryn Spencer from Croydon, shared a little anecdote about her at The Sun. She said that Meredith could do a hilarious impression of Kermit the Frog.

# In John Hooper's interesting piece at The Observer, there are two points I want to address here: the notion of saving face and the dragonfly paradigm.

First, to my way of thinking, the mission of the Italian Justice System is Redemption and, ultimately, Salvation. I don't think face-saving entered into this situation as a significant factor.

"Only a dragonfly could enter
a room without leaving a trace."

Not so!

Instead, this fits the paradigm of:

The dog that did not bark in the night.

The absence of such traces could indicate that some form of masking may have been used. The photo of Sollecito wearing a surgeon's outfit while carrying a meat cleaver suggests they may have been dressed in costumes or disguises and maybe even in gloves which they disposed of later.