Saturday, May 2

Bookish: CONSPIRACIES & more (4#) -

A new book by David Aaronovitch . . .

called Voodoo Histories is reviewed by
Giles Foden in this weekend's Guardian Review:

"I think a better definition of a conspiracy theory might be: the attribution of deliberate agency to something that is more likely to be accidental or unintended."

# The Dan Rather Incident:
"Kenneth, what is the frequency?"

# Author exits a detective
series via heart attack by Zac O’Yeah.

# O’Yeah writes a brief
piece about Cornell Woolrich.


Thursday, April 30


Google made a change to its News Home yesterday. It removed the clickable links to news for other countries at the bottom, which I enjoyed using.

Fortunately, Google News was not my main source for news. I use a handful of other aggregators in addition to reading from more direct reportage.

But those links were part of the reason I went to that destination. Needless to say, I don't like the change and now have fewer reasons to make it my destination.

# Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People list for this year includes the Twitter guys and someone called "Moot" who operates the 4chan message board.

Is 4chan something a well-informed
person should know about? Yes, I think so.


Monday, April 27


Big Brother, Baghdad Bob, and Eric . . .

Eric Schmidt has plans for a new version of Google News, Sharon Waxman reports. It sounds like a nightmarish horror movie:

"users will be automatically served the kind of news that interests them just by calling up Google’s page. The latest algorithms apply ever more sophisticated filtering - based on search words, user choices, purchases, a whole host of cues - to determine what the reader is looking for without knowing they’re looking for it."

That's not what I want. No thanks! I don't want anyone picking out my news for me. I can only hope it's going to be voluntary. I think Eric needs to get a Reality Check. Who appointed him Pope?

Oh, and did I mention Eric's love for pistachio nuts? They will be inserted into every new version of Google News pages. Nuts to you, Eric!

:: Sharon Waxman ::