Saturday, May 16

THX 4 SHARING (3#) -

American reporter Amy Herdy goes to Pakistan to run some journalism workshops. And this an excerpt from her travel diary, provided by Denver online publication Westword.

One commenter describes it
as "Legally Blonde meets Syriana."

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Paul Gillin points us to an online
comic strip about a contemporary newspaper.

"It features a frazzled editor, reporters, a blogger
and an assortment of politicians, weasels and snitches."

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Friday, May 15


Crank up yer conspiracy theories . . .

A bunch of businessmen and
V.I.P. types are meeting in Greece.

And The Guardian's correspondent,
Charlie Skelton, runs into trouble.

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I see I'm back in Google's good graces again -
they've restored me to Google Blog Search!

Well, sort of... kinda... in a way . . .

Who knows what mysteries
lurk within the Inner Googleplex?

One possible clue is at Search Engine Land this morning; Matt McGee is reporting there that Google has been quietly updating its Blog Search Algorithm.

NB: They don't list latest entries here; this blog is under Related Blogs at the top of the page for the "Meredith Kercher" search.

# I spent yesterday afternoon into evening downloading Service Pack 3. What with all the threats on the Net lately, I decided that I've been putting it off for too long and that I'd better take care of it pronto.

When I logged back online, I learned there had been some kind of outage at Google-related services.

# And so, I missed the Thursday Mystery programs on PBS TV. Although I've never been a big fan of Inspector Lynley and his sidekick Havers, I did watch the first episode of the mini-series they've been broadcasting lately on our local station.

I also noticed that Silent Witness is not listed on the scheduled offerings for this evening - bummer! PBS, though, has introduced a new Mystery mini-series called Wallander about a Swedish detective. The first episode looked pretty good.

# Alas, I did not get much done that was on my agenda for yesterday, and after that long download, I felt rather disconnected.


Wednesday, May 13


Meredith Kercher Murder -

A young woman in Canada has been convicted of
participating in a vampire-style murder which seems
to have similarities to the Perugia case. The story is
reported by Edmonton court reporter Tony Blais.

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Sunday, May 10


We have a new BBC hand-me-down
series on our local PBS-TV station.

It features a forensic pathologist, Dr Sam Ryan, who is working as a medical examiner or coroner. The new twist here is that the protagonist is a female this time. In our region, Silent Witness been scheduled for Fridays at 10pm. And it's worth looking into.

# An interview with writer Devon Monk, author of a series of urban fantasy novels, which are set into the background of a magical version of Portland Oregon. She is 43 and lives in Salem. Written by Barbara Curtin.


Mez: ELSEWHERE (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder -

Some dramatic chemical magic . . .

in the Perugia courtroom is described in a new
dispatch from Barbie Nadeau at The Daily Beast:

:: Whose Bloody Footprints Were They? ::

# And the American vampire movie being shot in nearby Tuscany has held a casting call for Italian extras in Montepulciano. Filming is scheduled for May 25th to May 29th.