Thursday, July 9

Mez: The Fairy Dust Defense (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Proceedings this week have been
canceled because the presiding judge
is out with pneumonia, Andrea Vogt reports.

Amidst the broken glass in Filomena Romanlli's bedroom, CSI found Amanda Knox's DNA mixed with Meredith Kercher's blood, Vogt continues.

"Since she lived in the house, it is possible that these traces could have alternative explanations, Knox's defense consultants said Monday."

But Defense hasn't presented
any specific alternative explanations.

"Since she lived in the house" does not
meet the time constraints presented
in court by even the defendant herself.

And, since Amanda had wheels, she was a tea cart . . .

So far, Defense is offering only a sprinkling of
Fairy Dust, which may blind a scant handful of readers.

The Guede Cliffhanger:

"Guede's lawyers say he will lay out a full accounting
of his story during his appeal, scheduled for November."

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Dust and Roses (3#) -

July 9th is the 10th anniversary of a violent raid on the student dormitory at Tehran University in 1999. People are expected to commemorate the occasion in peaceful marches.

Much of Tehran is shut down supposedly due to air pollution from dust storms. SMS text messaging has been down since Monday. There have been reports of raids on internet cafes. And the basiji are on high alert.

Julian Borger reports that Mojtaba Khamenei, the second son of "the supreme leader," has taken control of the basij vigilantes and that much of his financial assets, believed to be held through shell companies, may have been frozen by the British on 18 June. Ear close to the ground and other assorted rumblings . . .

According to tweets, lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, a member of the Defenders of Human Rights Center, has been arrested.

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Monday, July 6

Mez: Dissonant Chords (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Defense presented their forensic expert, Prof Carlo Torre, who asserted that, in his view, Meredith was murdered by only one culprit and that the weapon used was much smaller than the one exhibited.

NB: We still don't know what happened to Meredith's rent money or whether Amanda Knox had a similar sum of money in her possession which she cannot otherwise account for.

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Is there a continuous filament to this story?

We don't seem to have a coherent account yet. One fellow has attempted to coordinate transcripts of courtroom testimony with phone records and other evidence to produce an account with some coherence. Finn MacCool is his handle. And his results, up to now, cover only one segment of the story.

In this segment, Amanda Knox makes a gruesome phone call to her mother in the wee hours of the night. In the phone call, Amanda informs Edda that an intruder has been in her cottage and that there is blood in the house. Her mother, Edda, reacts with remarkable calm and advises Amanda to call the police.

Later, in court, Amanda Knox testifies that she has no memory at all of making this phone call, although phone records show that Amanda made the call.

Perhaps, Amanda suffers from Fugue,
which is somewhat like sleepwalking.

:: Finn MacCool ::