Monday, June 14

Weekend Mysteries (3#) -

International Mysteries TV presented an episode of the Inspector Montalbano series, which is based in Sicily, last night. I had never seen this series before. Called The Snack Thief; and it was pretty good. [mhz]

# The Guardian Book Review featured a group of Mysteries with an international flavor reviewed by Laura Wilson, which looked interesting. They were set in Jeddah, Buenos Aires, Europe, and elsewhere.

# Closer to home, there's a new mystery . . .

Women seem to disappear in South Florida quite frequently, and these cases often have a tragic outcome. The latest woman to disappear is a woman from Hallandale: Lynda Meier, 40 years old. The authorities have found her abandoned Cadillac Escalade.

Was this a simple carjacking or a more baroque story?