Monday, August 30

SoFlo: Wilding at Mall
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Several hundred people had to be evacuated from the Aventura Shopping Mall over the weekend because a wilding incident erupted among teenagers near the box office of the movie theater there on Saturday night around 10pm.

Restaurants underwent lockdown procedures to ensure the safety of diners inside; assistance was summoned from the police departments of several surrounding communities; and tasers had to be used to subdue some unruly teens who refused to comply with officers' directives. About sixteen arrests were made, according to some reports.

The Aventura Mall is a large, sprawling, multi-featured mall which is situated about midway between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It is a popular destination and a conveniently located meetup spot for many people.

The city of Miami claims it has been more strictly enforcing its curfew for teenagers recently, but Aventura does not share this arrangement, making it a possibly attractive escape valve for teenagers seeking to evade the curfew in Miami.

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