Wednesday, September 15

Another Blasphemy Threat -

George Stephanopoulos, card-carrying member of the Just-Us High Priests of Journalism Club, rushes in to gleefully deliver the latest appeasement to the Al Qaeda Cult: new law George is introducing which makes it illegal to burn a Koran book.

He is deliberately "boiling" the American Street like a cynical whore in order to boost his ratings - as if he didn't know this is precisely what the American Public is so worked up about.

He should be charged with instigating a riot.

This is, of course, not the first threat to impose Islamist Blasphemy Laws on the American Public. There was the riot on Fifth Avenue in NYC over the Salman Rushdie Fatwa. Then there was the fuss over the Turban Bomb Cartoons.

It seems like every time Islamists throw a tantrum, the Just-Us Journalism Club tries to convince us we have to mollify the terrorists so they don't smear their eye makeup with their weeping.

You call this Responsible Journalism? I call it spinach.

He couldn't wait to tell us because,
after all, he can't control himself . . .

It's another Media-Manufactured Crisis.

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