Thursday, September 2

Bookish: Followings (4#) -

Strange characters with obsessions . . .

The case of Amanda Knox, convicted of murdering her flatmate Meredith Kercher, is beginning to remind me of the Mumia case in Philadelphia which relentlessly dragged on and on in the press like a zombie until the 9/11 Attack finally knocked it out of the news.

The Mumia Case attracted a following of True Believers who obsessively generated publicity material about him long after he was convicted, and it looks like the Knox case may be headed in the same direction.

Rocco Girlanda has a book in the works. He has kept a diary of his prison conversations with Knox. It's called Take Me With You.

Some people might benefit from cult exit counseling.

Interested in obsessed characters?

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes:
Tales of Murder, Madness, and
Obsession By David Grann.

:: Review :: by Glenn C Altschuler

:: David Grann Interview ::
-- By Andrea Pitzer at Nieman Storyboard --

It's a very slow week for news.