Tuesday, September 14

Bookish: Lit Bits (7#) -

Michael Connelly, Mystery author and Tampa area resident, will headline the upcoming St Petersburg Times Festival of Reading scheduled for Saturday Oct 23rd, according to Colette Bancroft. Also on board: Deborah Sharp, John Brandon, and Paul Reyes, among others.

# What about the recent Brooklyn Book Festival?

:: Pete Hamill participated in the Noir panel discussion.

:: Five debut novelists there were interviewed.

:: More on Brooklyn Fest at GalleyCat.

# David L Ulin gives us a preview
of Fall Books at LAT/Sun-Sentinel.

# Tributes: The untimely death of Mystery Bookman
David Thompson gathered at Sarah Weinman's Blog.

# A review of Zero History,
William Gibson's new book, by Steven Poole.