Thursday, September 9

Burning Fuses (4#) -

Cartoonist Honored . . .
Flaming Scriptures & Adnan Shukrijumah . . .

The elderly Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who produced the memorable image of the man wearing a bomb with a burning fuse in his turban, has been awarded the M100 Media Prize by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a ceremony near Potsdam.

Westergaard endured many threats and attacks for the image, but every aggression by the always enraged militant jihadis only seemed to validate the metaphor and certainly amplified the image.

Today it is internationally recognized as much as
the stencil graphic of Che Guevara from an earlier era.

Thus, the militant jihadis accomplished the
opposite of the effect they had been trying to achieve.

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# Should Media Show Images of Burning Korans?

The MSM hasn't been seriously covering this story. Most of them have just been ambulance-chasing to goose up their circulation or viewer statistics. They're lazily reaching for superficial sensationalism. But he got lucky by catching the tail end of Silly Season before the Labor Day Holiday.

:: Erik Hayden explores the question.

# John Walsh on AMW this weekend
features 9/11, Ground Zero, and the hunt
for Broward County's Adnan Shukrijumah.