Monday, September 27

Mez: A Fragile Tissue (3#) -

Can CBS News ever recover credibility in its coverage of the Perugia Case? The organization's prize-winning producer for the story just got out of prison, lending a dodgy aura over its coverage.

I happened to catch the CBS Early Show coverage of the case this morning. It seemed less like reportage and more like a promotional for one of its ongoing Reality TV Shows. Edda Mellas, mother of convicted killer Amanda Knox, was interviewed. Did anything stick out in the segment? Yes, one thing did stick out.

We had been previously told by other journalistic sources that the woman who just published her memoirs of the time she spent in prison is a former fellow inmate of Capanne Prison who served time with Amanda Knox.

If memory serves: when Knox was first incarcerated, the description of her cellmate at that time was: a 58-year-old Brazilian woman with a drug conviction. That description fits Florisbela Inocencio de Jesus, author of Walking With Amanda.

But this morning, Edda Mellas denied that Amanda Knox was acquainted with the woman at all. How odd! So, which is it? Or is Mellas implying that the Brazilian woman's memories are fake and her book is a hoax?

Was I surprised by this apparent contradiction?

No, not really. I still believe that Racism played at least a part in the motivation for the murder. I also believe that Racism was the reason that Meredith Kercher's body was covered up. I expect that Amanda Knox will dispute anyone's impressions or observations of her just to prove how special she is.

Meanwhile, on Friday, CBS disclosed that it is not Knox or her family who want to block the release of the Lifetime movie until all appeals are exhausted. Other sources claim it is Sollecito's lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno. One can certainly appreciate her concern.

In the aftermath of Meredith's death, Amanda Knox embarked on a series of celebratory stunts. Knox and Sollecito chose to go out to a restaurant for a good time together instead of attending a memorial for Meredith; there was a racy interlude in a lingerie shop; and the series culminated with Knox performing incongruous cheerleading gymnastics in the police station.

Sollecito's lawyer has good reason to be concerned. If the couple's behavior during that period were depicted accurately in a movie, the portrayal could cast a negative reflection on her client, Sollecito.

The Media Circus may resume
on Oct 1st with more court proceedings.