Friday, October 1

Mez: Behind
The Curtain (3#) -

Andrea Vogt reports that the Slander case
in Perugia will be argued on Nov 8th. It
was a very brief preliminary hearing.

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Not surprisingly, Nick Pisa has more information on auteur director Winterbottom's mindset about the prospective movie he's cooking up.

I know nothing about actor Colin Firth, but changing journalist Barbie Nadeau's role to a guy, might point to Nick himself as a possible model.

Winterbottom explains that he's drawn to the enigmatic quality at the heart of the story and that the journey would be a search, taking the form of an investigation. So, is the movie configured as a rather dark labyrinth? The ancient walled city may lend itself to this motif.

"I have no opinions on guilt or innocence but the case is interesting because of its cross culture - there are lots of different backgrounds with the people involved."

Yeah, especially when they start out floating around this archaic environment whilst hidden in masquerade costumes and dominos - rather hallucinogenic, even without the drugs and drink.

At least, Winterbottom does not appear to be
merely another simpleminded commercial hack.

:: Nick Pisa - Daily Mail ::