Wednesday, October 20

Mez: A Morbid Leash (3#) -

There's more fallout from Rocco Girlanda's book . . .

which was released in the Italian edition yesterday and will be released in the English version on November 24 - the day of the appeal hearing. Some people, including reporters, are bi-lingual.

"Girlanda describes Knox as a stable, sensitive and sincerely religious young woman ... It is the polar opposite of how prosecutors described her during the trial..." [SPI]

"Amanda Knox is a bookish girl with sad blue eyes who loves truffles, the author of a new book out on Tuesday told AFP."

The cover of his book gives Knox a luminous, ethereal appearance with a wistful, faraway look in her eyes, as if to portray her as an icon worthy of emulation, commonly associated with saints. It is somewhat evocative of the eroticized idealization of Lolita.

In Nick Pisa's latest dispatch the effect of this erotic enthrallment achieves more clarity. Girlanda, the father of several children, has not examined the evidence presented in the trial.

It is not unusual for male serial killers in prison to attract similarly intoxicated female admirers - this phenomenon is already very well known in the United States. I don't think many other people will become enchanted by it.

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