Saturday, November 6

Blogging Notes (2#) -

I have been tinkering around with the links on my sidebar, checking for link rot and/or any changes which may have transpired. This should be routine maintenance, but I'm overdue in practicing it.

There have been some changes along the way . . .

BlogNetNews went toes-up. It was a worthy endeavor and an admirable accomplishment for its creator, Dave Mastio.

The Miami Herald has taken over its South Florida operation. Tampa folks have their own regional blogosphere; there's a link to that, too, on my sidebar.

What does it take to be a blogger? It takes
an internal engine that keeps propelling you onward.

From The Dept of Obscure TV . . .

Last weekend, after the end of a Wallander episode, MHz Worldview presented a delightful feature on their International Mystery series put together by Chris Arth in a kind of montage format. It included a brief interview with Wallander author Henning Mankell and a brief interview with Varg Veum author Gunnar Staalesen, some charming scenics of Varg's neighborhood in Norway, and video clips from the recent Bouchercon. We enjoyed it very much.