Thursday, November 25

Mez: Who Speaks
For The Dead? (2#)

When someone dies unexpectedly and not
from obviously natural causes, who investigates?

It can vary from place to place and from situation to situation. It can be a Medical Examiner or Coroner or even a forensic pathologist working for an insurance company. Sometimes after death an inquiry is held into the state of the decedent's soul or his state of mind as in a psychological autopsy.

When a friend of mine died several years ago, the Church conducted an inquiry to determine whether it as an accidental death or a suicide. They uncovered evidence in his Day Planner Book that he had a full schedule of appointments and other activities planned for the next day and that he was not planning to end it all. That meant that he could be buried in a religious cemetery.

A respected Italian forensic investigator recently shared his assessment of this case with reporter Nick Francis in Perugia. I agree with his basic theory:

"British student Meredith Kercher was murdered in a brutal fight with her flatmates which was then made to look like a random sex attack, according to a top forensics expert, Luciano Garofano."

We may never get an exactly accurate choreography of this homicide, because there was no video camera recording it as it happened, but eventually we may come very close.

"As a spokesman for the dead,
Da Vinci strives to give dignity to untimely death."