Monday, November 22

Seattle Woof Tickets (2#) -

Ratcheting up this month's astroturfing activity,
the Seattle Spiv Industry has been moving into high gear.

Book and movie deals are already in the hopper for that longtime wayward youth in need of supervision, Colton Harris-Moore, The Barefoot Bandit, allegedly to be used for compensation of his victims, as if their insurance hadn't covered their losses. Just as likely, the lawyers and PR companies involved in this Media Mill operation will come out with a very enhanced profit margin.

On Wednesday, the Appeal proceedings for Amanda Knox will begin before local Perugian judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann and a new jury, accompanied by a constant barrage of fusion publicity photos of Knox mockumentary doppelganger, Hayden Panettiere.

And if teenyboppers aren't sufficiently confused by now about whether they're watching trailers for Panettiere's new Scream movie or courtroom testimony about the real life murder of Meredith Kercher, they may soon be.

I don't object to books or movies about True Crime, but the glorification of killers and other criminals leaves me rather uncomfortable.