Thursday, November 11

SoFlo: Maddow Fans
Lockdown Schools Here -

It now appears that crazed fans of Rachel Maddow,

a Cable TV talk show host, triggered a countywide lockdown of schools here yesterday, when Maddow aired a provocatively edited video clip of Joyce Kaufman speaking at a rally.

The extracted snippet moved one loyal Maddow fan to send threats to Kaufman's radio station that he was going to open fire at some school or government building in Broward County FL.

I do not subscribe to Cable TV and have never seen Maddow perform on it. I don't have any opinion of her whatsoever.

Federal assistance had to be called in to trace the origin of the email message and phone call. The FBI is in the process of ascertaining the provenance of those communications.

Thus far, the local police have refused to release the actual contents of the messages, but Kaufman, who is a Minority of Puerto Rican and Jewish Heritage, has stepped down as Col Allen West's executive due to the distraction this incident has caused.

More information, when it becomes available.