Wednesday, December 29

Blogging Notes -

I walked with the zombies? No, not quite;
but I did feel like a frozen vegetable for a while . . .

We're coming out of another serious cold snap. Despite adverse conditions, I did manage to catch the Sunday midnight show in the International Mysteries TV series, which was a Wallander episode and the Monday evening TV presentation of Tim Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (ie: Willie Wonka).

The latter was visually stunning as far as Art Direction and Cinematography, but Johnny Depp's suspected impression of Michael Jackson made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Yesterday, I had to adopt some long overdue cyber patches from the MS Mother Ship which ate up the rest of my afternoon.

But: What about Real Life? Ah, yes, indeed . . .

I do have some regular household maintenance tasks and other things to get caught up on once I completely thaw out.