Sunday, December 19

The Bong Or The Skels (6#) -

The next time Amanda Knox
hits the bong, maybe she can bag a nun . . .

Knox appeared in court for Saturday's session, the outcome of which is being touted by cockeyed optimists as a huge triumph for Defense.

An outside, independent review of the forensic evidence, including the disputed DNA evidence, was granted. And the judge agreed to consider the possibility of additional testimony from two jailed criminals.

Yesterday, Andrea Vogt wrote up a good cheat sheet at TFP about which issues to expect in the upcoming proceedings, but I was too busy refilling my pantry to blog it. If you are unclear, it's worth checking for its crispy analysis.

Is a re-examination of the DNA forensic evidence going to make a crucial difference in the long run? No, I don't believe it will, because Drugs are at the center of this case, not DNA. In all likelihood, if Drugs had not been involved, the tragedy of Meredith Kercher's homicide would never have happened. Why are some people angry drunks? Some people have a couple of drinks and become congenial; others have a couple of drinks and become pugnacious.

Meanwhile, Knox is transmogrifying into a siliconized Hollywood icon, co-mingled with the likes of Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan, whose ditzy misadventures are dutifully catalogued by starstruck teenyboppers all over the world. Lohan, it's been widely reported, has been in Drugs Rehab lately.

The next hearing is scheduled for January 15th.

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