Wednesday, December 1

Bookish: A Swedish Ghost (5#) -

James Scudamore is an English novelist who grew up here and there around the world. His latest novel, Heliopolis, is described as an updated version of Dickens' London, set in contemporary Brazil. Reviewed here by Paul Constant.

# True Crime: Catrine da Costa, a 28-year-old heroin addict, sold herself on the streets of the red light district of Stockholm. In 1984, her remains were found hacked up into pieces deposited in abandoned trash bags, although her head was missing and has never been located. The case has haunted Sweden ever since, Julie Bindel reports.

# A posthumous book of Barry Hannah's
stories, is appreciated and reviewed by Brock Clarke.

# Miles Corwin's psychological suspense novel about the murder of an LAPD officer, Kind of Blue, is reviewed by Carmela Ciuraru at LAT.

# Colum McCann's preface to a new
collection of European Fiction is at TDB.