Tuesday, December 14

Lockdown Lady: No Bail -

The 48-year-old woman accused of sending threats to talk show host Joyce Kaufman and Kaufman's radio station, which resulted in a countywide school lockdown for several hours, was denied bail at her Monday hearing by Judge Lurana Snow.

"Ellisa Martinez" of New Port Richey FL has used several different versions of that name, according to reporter Jon Burstein, who discloses that Martinez may have graduated UCLA under the name Lisa Joan Martinez.

Her use of multiple names suggests that this identity itself may be spurious. The authorities may not know yet who this woman really is, why she is in this country, or what her mission is here. Burstein does not report whether she has a green card or is an undocumented alien.

Her assigned lawyer, Chantel Doakes, seems to be pointing to a possible plea of diminished capacity due to mental defect or disease.

Martinez is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 21.

NB: We are experiencing a severe cold snap until Thursday or Friday. There may be little or no blogging here for the next couple of days.

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