Saturday, March 13

Jihad Babe Fever -

Looks like this is a new fad: An RPG
that catapults you out of your drab,
boring, humdrum life into another galaxy . . .

Instead of getting silicone breast
implants, you get nitro-glycerine plug-ins . . .

Irish police who have been investigating an alleged plot to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks arrested another American woman. This one is a 31-year-old Colorado woman named Jamie Paulin-Ramirez.

But, in the latest report, the police
subsequently freed her without charging her.

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Thursday, March 11

Mez: Hearsay Repudiated (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Rudy Guede has issued a letter to Italian TV station Mediaset in which he strongly denied discussing the case with any fellow prisoners.

CBS has published Guede's (translated) statement.

Guede's lawyers are his official representatives.

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Wednesday, March 10

Novack Batmobile Frozen -

vrooooom & ka-ching . . .

Frustrated auto collectors, anxious to get their hands on the Novack Batmobile Replica, will have to cool their heels a while longer. The Feds have taken control of that showpiece, as well as the rest of the Novack collection of vintage and exotic vehicles.

Sadly, it seems like the Estate
has overshadowed the Murder lately.

Novack was murdered in a hotel room, and I'm still curious about who had a key card or other access to that room.

:: By Julie Brown ::


Tuesday, March 9

Jihad Babe Plots (6#) -

A suburban Philadelphia soi-disant queenpin with the looks of a cocktail waitress in an Irish tavern sashayed her way into an Internet plot to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.

Colleen R. LaRose, 46, of Pennsburg PA, was arrested last October, but authorities held back the information until now, pending completion of the entire takedown.

The cartoonist seems relatively unruffled by the news.

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"The story follows fairly standard RPG conventions. You control a ragtag group of outcasts, granted special powers for mysterious reasons and charged with saving the world over 50-odd hours of battling, cutscenes and levelling up. Pretty standard stuff."

RPG: European launch tonight in London of Final Fantasy XIII, the latest in a very popular Japanese role-playing computer game series.


Boar Hunt Ended (2#) -

Swanky Suburb's Hopes Dashed . . .

The wildlife removal company called in to give residents of posh Plantation Acres Estates relief from the depredations of dozens of wild boar ravaging their properties has thrown in the tea towel.

CEO Jon Gherardi may have been
initially misled about what was out there.

Ignorant gossips have been depicting the animals
as domestic livestock pigs abandoned by farmers.

Thus, Gherardi seemed surprised to discover
the creatures were actually wild game and
already about the size of pygmy rhinos.

In short, the project turned out to be bigger than he expected. And the swine were not playing by Marquess of Queensberry rules.

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Sunday, March 7

Bookish: Gadfly Registration (4#) -

Feisty Sicilians, Pensive Pakistanis & Barry Hannah . . .

Beppo Grillo and other
Italian Bloggers are under fire by their Parliament,
according to a recent Maisonneuve report.

They're being targeted for "crimes of opinion."

A bill is in the works which would force Italian ISPs to shut down Blogs as a danger supposedly threatening the Italian State. The chief sponsor of this provision is the Sicilian Senator Gianpiero D’Alia, Darren Thompson reveals in his article: The Blogfathers.

# International Mysteries, which are very popular these days, include some notable Italian detectives. Police Inspector Montalbano is the focus of reviewer Charles Taylor's attention this week. The Wings of the Sphinx is the 11th in the Sicilian mystery series by Andrea Camilleri.

# From author and writing teacher Barry Hannah who died recently: some notes on writing which Hannah provided for one of his students.

# The story of three young Pakistani men in NYC who live in the shadow cast by the 9/11 World Trade Center Bombing, Home Boy by Husain Naqvi is written in a contemporary style fusing hip hop, Yiddish, and local colloquial expressions.