Friday, January 28

Bookish: Brief Notes (7#) -

Christopher Fowler, back from a refreshing
exotic vacation, is now on the trail of an
obscure architectural mystery in London . . .

# Tom Nolan reviews a handful
of new Mystery novels at the WSJ.

# Lindsay Ann Hawker's
alleged murderer writes a book.

# On January 25, Yasmine El Rashidi writes:

"I had made a plan with a journalist friend to head out early and stop by several of the designated protest locations - the Supreme Court, Cairo University, the popular Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, and Shubra - before deciding where to go."

She describes her firsthand experiences
:: at the blog of The NY Review of Books.
:: Issandr says he's updating his blog from Tunisia.

# The Literarian, a new online
:: magazine from The Center for Fiction [via]