Monday, January 31

Not Quite Sneaker Net (8#) -

Media Briefs & More . . .

No photographers on the scene? No problem!

Sometimes surrealistic Taiwanese computer animated antic news scenarios, described by Richard Vine, who profiles Next Media Animation (NMA), the company producing them.

# Is there Life after
The Village Voice? Wayne Barrett
will be a special contributor to NewsBeast.

# Prof Frances Fox Piven, 78, has had to get police protection due to threats she has received which were allegedly inspired by Glenn Beck's adverse remarks about her, according to Paul Harris at The Guardian Observer.

# Patch Made: Egyptians can SAY it
to Twitter now with voice connection.

:: Jan 25 Voices on Twitter ::

# Verity Stob delves into Swedish Noir by reviewing Stieg Larsson's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Henning Mankell's Firewall from a technical computing point of view; plus comments.