Tuesday, January 18

SoFlo Scorchers (3#) -

A Broward County Commissioner
has told the Sun Sentinel newspaper
that local bloggers want to kill her . . .

Stacy Ritter claims to be in fear for her life. I've never seen any evidence of her allegation; if such threats reside on a blog here in Florida, the FBI would have arrived on the blogger's doorstep by now. If such evidence actually exists, Ms Ritter should send it in to them. But maybe it's an X-File.

Anthony Man has been reporting lately on the kind of overheated political rhetoric being employed in some quarters of Broward County. A professor at Barry University suggests it's "out of control" already.

And if it isn't Politics, it could be
Money causing trouble around here . . .

With a $20-million family fortune at stake, a Fort Lauderdale man is accused of trying to hire a hit man to eliminate his younger brother.

Jim Roy Watkins, 59, was arrested Friday and is currently being held without bond, after police claim a witness wore a wire on which the plot was described.

His brother, Steven, 53, said he was
devastated to learn about the alleged plan.

Linda Trischitta at the Sun Sentinel reports.