Tuesday, February 15

Bookish: Moving Moments (9#) -

Japanese crime writer Keigo Higashino is interviewed by Andrew Joyce at the WSJ. He is a bestseller in Japan where some of his stories have been made into movies.

:: His first entry here is The Devotion of Suspect X.

# When writers move: A couple of pieces
about notable writers changing their environments:

First, Carolyn Kellogg on the West Coast interviews New York resident Jonathan Lethem about his move to Claremont California to teach at Pomona College.

Then, Paul Theroux writes about his lasting impressions of the years he lived in England from the end of 1971 until the beginning of 1990.

# Julia Handford tells us about Norwegian
writer Jo Nesbo's new crime novel The Leopard.

# Adam Woog reviews Alan Bradley's
A Red Herring Without Mustard as a
thumbs-up. Sleuth Flavia de Luce is
the daughter of a shabby aristocrat.

# Writer Christopher Fowler has established a new website as a treasure trove for The Peculiar Crimes Unit. And he's going to have a graphic novel version make its debut soon called The Soho Devil.

# Laura Wilson briefly reviews a
handful of thrillers at The Guardian.

# Ever hear a haunted teriyaki truck story?

Jennifer K Chung is actually a software engineer, but
she won a writing contest with her entry: Terroryaki.