Thursday, February 24

The Pain Gain (3#) -

Has the VVM New Times Publishing Empire just
received a crushing blow to their advertising base?

The Broward Palm Beach Edition of New Times is no longer available in my immediate vicinity, but the last time I glanced at their print edition, it seemed like it carried a lot of advertisements for pain management and pain clinics. In light of yesterday's raid on this genre of business, can we anticipate sufficient erosion to finally starve them out of business?

Federal Agents conducted a widespread sweep of pain clinic pill mills across the Tri-County South Florida area on Wednesday which allegedly have been illegally distributing stupification drugs, such as oxycodone.

The Internal Revenue Service, using DEA officers, instituted forfeiture seizure of fancy toys, including two Lamborghinis, and six parcels of real estate; arrested personnel; and shuttered numerous sites.

Charges include money laundering, which
is a covert influence on the local economy.

But how far has it spread?

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