Thursday, March 24

Mez: Whose Story? (3#) -

Lifetime's movie about Edda Mellas' struggle with Meredith Kercher's death and its aftermath was challenged in an Italian civil court on Thursday by Carlo Dalla Vedova, Defense advocate for Amanda Knox, who "called for its removal from the internet, pointing out that one site was now offering the film with Italian subtitles."

The subscription TV channel probably already cleared the movie with their lawyers who specialize in Entertainment issues before they even released it.

Lifetime - or their lawyers - did
something very cunning here, you see.

Lifetime's targeted audience was mothers of college-aged daughters, and a parallel was drawn with Natalee Holloway's mother who has been appointed as some sort of hostess figure for the channel. Marcia Gay Harden, the actress who portrayed Edda Mellas, carried the movie, ie: it was her vehicle.

When viewed from this angle, it is rather difficult to support daughter Amanda Knox's complaints about an invasion of her privacy. What about Filomena's story or Diya Lumumba's story? Would everyone else's stories also invade Amanda's privacy?

While I am very sympathetic to the issue of one's boundaries being transgressed, we cannot muzzle everyone we socialize with.

A more cogent question is whether
this movie could adversely impact on Defense.

Thus, there were actually two separate
issues involved in this session, it seems to me.

# Is the Amanda Knox prosecution and media
coverage really the most controversial of our era?

No, not at all. Some would argue that the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal in Philadelphia has had more controversies swirling around it. He did not have a professional PR company working for him, but his supporters created their own Media Machine.