Saturday, March 19

Super Moon Crime Ramble -

A SoFlo heads-up at AMW this weekend . . .

John Walsh is going to cover a local story in one of his segments. I don't think I'm familiar with this case. Look for the unsolved killing of Dave Montney in Pompano Beach FL. See Linda Trischitta's article at the Sun Sentinel.

A couple of recent MIAs in the
True Crime Sphere are duly noted:

First, Trench Reynolds' website has apparently gone offline. He blogged at The Trenchcoat Chronicles and related blogs. He also made some other worthwhile contributions to this sphere. He attempted to organize some of the True Crime Bloggers into a web ring, which made it easier to find them.

Update: Trench has apparently
migrated again in a confusing way to HERE.

Ah, Trench, it really is difficult
to keep up with you sometimes!

People do come and go; sometimes it's because they have pressing matters to attend to in the Real World. But, sometimes, it's because they've experienced burn-out.

Another website that has disappeared over the past week is the message board that was devoted to the Meredith Kercher Case called Perugia Murder File.

If you are a fan of the message board format, I recommend you surf over to Web Sleuths Crime Sleuthing Community and take a look at their message board. I think you will find it to be comprehensive; it covers many crimes, some of which may interest you.

Meanwhile, Peter Quennell at True Justice for Meredith Kercher has posted the transcript of an interactive chat some lucky ducks had with John Follain, who is publishing a book about the case called Death in Perugia, which is scheduled to debut in August.

Quennell reports that the PMF message board on that crime, which I just mentioned above, is in the process of being rehabbed, but it is expected to return.

Last, but certainly not least: a newish True Crime Blog which recently came to my attention is called Tickle The Wire. It covers Federal crimes and is definitely worth a shuftie.