Sunday, April 10

SoFlo: Attempted Wipe (3#) -

Local Wikipedia Antics &
More on Lamberti's Angels . . .

A local Florida politician's press secretary gets caught
trying to sanitize her boss's record on his Wikipedia page.

Congressman David Rivera gets a scrubbing at the hands of Leslie Veiga. Then, the Wikipedia Elves strike back. And the resulting communications are very funny.

Fred Grimm gives us an illuminating look at some of the inside operations of the Big W and he explains the Internet phenomenon known as the  "Streisand Effect."

# There's more grousing about the TLC Cable TV
series The Real Policewomen of Broward County.

This time it's from Pompano Beach. No, I haven't watched the show, but, let's get real here - for some people, nothing is ever going to be good about this show, because the topic of True Crime seems to them to be in conflict with the promotion of their Real Estate Industry.

Pandering to this special interest group has all but eliminated Police Blotters from many newspapers. This feature, which enabled many aspiring writers to develop their skills, has been replaced often by a bare-bones Incident Log, bordering on illiteracy.

Even when they shift the whole shebang to video, some people are still going to complain. Are their complaints reasonable? Mostly, no; not while crime videos have become a staple of the dinnertime news, so that viewers can now watch crimes being committed in real time taken from security cameras recording them.

Why are there only complaints about the arrests, but not complaints about broadcasting the commission of crimes?

There's nothing inherently wrong with the topic; True Crime is just a basic human interest story that many people can readily relate to.

I object to some special interest group
being able to dumb down or censor our media.