Wednesday, May 11

Mez: Perugia Blog Takedown -

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takedown of Frank Sfarzo's Blog . . .

Florentine Judge Paola Belsino issued the takedown court order on February 23rd, stemming from a lawsuit filed by Perugia Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini JD against Perugia Shock for "defamation, carried out by means of a website."

Citation in the latest article which is cited below is to "preventive closure." I believe that the concept of preventive is, in general, viewed as unconstitutional and illegal in the U.S. with regard to FA/FOE, because it implies Thought Police or Dream Police.

NB: It is also possible that Dr Mignini's specific claims about faits accomplis were provable and founded on merit.

Dr Mignini's reputed previous attempts to have Frank "sectioned" or "bakerized" met with no success, probably because OCD is not usually considered to be dangerous and/or Frank may not be suffering from that.

The legal details in this matter are still very murky.

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