Wednesday, June 1

The Trials of Knox & Anthony -

There was a stampede into the Casey Anthony trial
yesterday, according to local news reports, with only 56 seats available in a rather small courtroom. For others who want to follow the case closely, the proceedings are being livestreamed over the Internet, I believe.

Here in SoFlo, as far as I can tell, it isn't much of a hot topic, although there is considerable widespread interest further north in Florida.

During the late 20th Century, it became a custom for some retired senior citizens to gather at the County Courthouse every morning in order to attend the trials there. They could get together afterwards in a nearby coffee shop to discuss the latest developments.

Nowadays, you can watch the trial in the comfort of your own home on your computer, and, if you want to discuss it, there are many message boards and other destinations on the Net where you can do that, too.

Meanwhile, out in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle area is embroiled in civil unrest between residents there who have taken sides in the Amanda Knox case. Add to that mix, a third faction has grown increasingly bitter over the role of the Mainstream American Media in exacerbating animosities among those who hold differing opinions about the case.

Some American Media organizations seem to be relentlessly baiting the public by producing provocative pseudo-news press releases, like the most recent ABC piece cited below.

The Defence claim that there was no trace of Knox in the death chamber is a real howler, in my view, since Knox's desk lamp was discovered within the locked room. From my recollection, the judge in the lower court trial actually interrupted and stopped the proceedings to question Knox himself about this precise point, whereupon Knox told the judge with a straight face that nothing was missing from her room.

In other words, she was asserting that she lived in that room without any illumination whatsoever. Would you expect a judge and jury to believe that? I don't think so.

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