Friday, June 17

Under The Black Flags (4#) -

Anarchists are being blamed for the rioting in
downtown Vancouver after the Stanley Cup Final.

The mayor said there was a lack of forewarning about "anarchists and thugs" planning to bring hammers and Molotov cocktails to a public party.

Police said some of the rioters also took part in the anarchist protests during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Police Chief Chu said that many of the rioters came downtown armed with masks, goggles and gasoline.

He described the rioters and looters as a group of angry young men, hell-bent on violence, the vast majority of whom were not from Vancouver but, rather, from out of town.

Property damage is expected to run in the millions of dollars. Some police officers even suffered human bites.

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# Barefoot Bandit:
Colton Harris-Mooreis expected to
plead guilty Friday morning in a Seattle court.

# Five prison convicts will testify on behalf of Amanda Knox's Defense as part of her appeal case, Nick Pisa reports. The next scheduled hearing is set for this Saturday, June 18th, I believe.