Thursday, December 1

The Get List (2#) -

Massive Vampire Slayer Fascination!

Well, did she or . . . 
didn't she slay the vampire?

One would have thought that interest in Amanda Knox had subsided by now, even though she recently appeared on three very high-traffic destinations: TMZ, The Puff Toast, and The Daily Mail. But not so. Evidently, there is still a strong interest in her.

Barbara Walters has put Amanda Knox on her
list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011.

I suppose that means that Walters would love to interview the former study-abroad coed. And, of course, Walters is not the only one who would like to snag that "get."

Foxy Knoxy's Press Agent must be kvelling!

Yahoo! has announced their Top News Searches and Stories in 2011. The Casey Anthony Trial is topping the list at #1. And the Amanda Knox Trial comes in at #5.

Oh, there's just one more question . . .
as Lieutenant Columbo might say.