Thursday, December 15

Knox: Explanation Released (5#) -

The Italian Appeals Court has released its written explanation for overturning the first verdict in the case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

Caution: first reports sometimes contain errors or inaccuracies which are corrected in later reports. This information should be considered preliminary reportage.

The principal reasons for this verdict seem to be: inadequate evidence to support the Prosecution's case and lack of credible motive.

Different legal systems have differing styles of verdicts. In the Scottish system, for example, I believe they have a third alternative: Guilty, Not Guilty, and Case Not Proven.

We do not know at this point if the inadequate evidence refers only to the forensic DNA material or to something else.

It is the second reason which is apt to become a lightening rod attracting criticism and debate. The issue of credible motive may never be resolved to the Public's satisfaction. Because of the admitted involvement of illegal drugs, the case may be used by both pro- and anti-drug groups to advance their agendas.

By an informal consensus of those who have followed cases over a long period of time, two previous cases form a backdrop to this case due to some similarities and may help to shed light on some aspects of the case at hand:

These two cases are The Preppy Murder Case and The Lori Berenson Case. Those who wish to expand their understanding, may wish to read up on those two cases.

A distinction should be made between the legal case and the story. The legal case may come to be resolved, but the story may continue beyond the legal resolution.

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