Thursday, December 22

Notes From Florida (4#) -

Sebastian Del Marmol reports that
Occupy Fort Lauderdale has intervened in a
seemingly strange Coconut Creek eviction case.

# Lamberti's Angels: One of the Reality TV gals is under investigation by Internal Affairs for shooting at an unarmed man during a traffic stop.

BSO Deputy Erika Huerta, who has been participating in the TLC Cable TV series Police Women of Broward County, remains on active duty.

The traffic stop was not taped
by the TV show's cameras.

Ongoing Pluck Off Case: A Broward judge has slashed the $200,000 fine against a family for keeping some chickens in their backyard to $100. The family was accused of violating local zoning regulations. Tonya Alanez has the latest details.

# Creepy: Disappearing Panties Case vanishes.