Sunday, January 15

Bookish Briefs (5#) -

Set in one of England's large estate homes, the fictional Walbrook Manor, which is being converted to public usage as a museum and arts center, this novel resembles an Agatha Christie mystery with witty dialogue. Described as very entertaining. NPR's Maureen Corrigan reviews

:: A Charitable Body by Robert Barnard.

# David W, a library aide, describes a couple of Margery Allingham books he has just read, Mystery Mile and The Tiger in the Smoke, in a nicely written blog post from Seattle.

# Memoirs: The Tender Hour of Twilight
Richard Seaver was one of the movers and
shakers behind Barney Rosset's Grove Press.

# True Crime: The Case of Alyssa Bustamante.
A teenage girl murders her neighbors' 9-year-old child.

# The success of Amanda Hocking in self-publishing her vampire ebook has been all over the Net, but not like this. Chris Fowler has a blog entry about it which goes into more informative detail. I think it's a great development for people who want to do it.