Tuesday, January 10

Books: Brief Mystery Links (7#) -

Pico Iyer is haunted by the writer
Graham Greene and writes an essay
on how our inner landscapes influence us.

# Adam Woog reviews some new
books that pay homage to Victorian Crime.

# Hugh Ryan talks with the Danish authors of
The Boy in the Suitcase, a Scandinavian Mystery.

# Patrick writes about the biography of a
now mostly forgotten mystery author,
a woman who called herself Craig Rice.

# Matt Parish interviews William Gibson
for his new nonfiction collection,
Distrust That Particular Flavor.

# Donato Carrisi writes about the background to his new novel, a phenomenon he calls "whisperers." They are mastermind psychological controllers who influence suggestible people to commit crimes.

:: The Whisperer reviewed
here by Blogger Lauren. [Violin in a Void]