Thursday, January 19

Casey: Elevators & Networks (2#) -

Frothing rednecks screaming "Hide your kids!" descended upon the Cross Church Compound in Palm City FL, just a burning pitchfork removed from a hanging noose.

The Media Circus has come to town with their flashing lights, satellite trucks, and videocam jockeys, led by Miss Thing herself, Diane Dimond - isn't she special!

Although church officials have asked the Media to stay away, it seems like they're being ignored. Police are patrolling the perimeter of the compound.

This congregation can, of course, simply keep passing Casey Anthony around in their underground network indefinitely.

Some churches maintain such a network to aid battered women hide from violent and vengeful ex-spouses, a bit like the Underground Railroad for fugitive slaves.

Meanwhile . . . back in Orlando, the Sentinel newspaper has herded the obstreperous Casey Reject crowd into their Entertainment section, where the vox pop has evidently fueled up on pork rinds, cheese curls, and beer to dispense their opinions, mostly repeating the same slogans over and over again.

It's the million dollar Private Elevator deal
which is winding them up this morning.