Thursday, January 12

FL Noir Net Stories (3#) -

Net Used For Rolling John: A Florida woman has been accused of using an Internet dating service to arrange a rendezvous with a 27-year-old Daytona Beach man who was later found fatally shot and robbed of his identification, wallet, money and cellphone.

# Lee County Sheriff Deputies recently subpoenaed F*cebook and Comcast in order to determine the origin of threats to chop off a woman's head with a machete in the Fort Myers area of Florida.

# Sarasota city officials have been accused of secretly deleting emails to evade the Sunshine laws. The Sylint company which has been investigating the matter confirmed that a technical flaw in the system could have allowed the possibility of accomplishing this during a 24-hour window of time. An estimated 11,000 emails may have been erased from the public record by exploiting this flaw. Rumors of shady conspiracies are swirling.