Sunday, January 29

A Weekend Rich in Books (6#) -

Stirring The Pot: Jonathan Franzen, speaking at the Hay Festival in Cartagena Colombia, argued that e-books do not have the durability of the printed artifact.

"The lives of heiresses
are complicated matters."

Emma Straub reviews three
memoir books about Heiresses.

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This weekend, the LA Times Book Review section is outstanding. Some of the highlights follow.

# Wael Ghonim's memoir Revolution 2.0 is reviewed by Scott Martelle. Described here as "an engaging read" of the inside story behind the Egyptian uprising against the Mubarak regime.

# A review of Gil Scott-Heron's memoir The Last Holiday. Lynell George writes that this book illuminates some of the heretofore obscure corners of the subject's thinking.

# A movie has been made of Susan Hill's The Woman in Black, a ghost story, reviewed by Nick Owchar. Due to be released soon, Owchar says this is an effective, faithful rendering of a harrowing tale.

# A printed storyboard artifact linked to online multi-media is reviewed by Susan Carpenter. Chopsticks is being called a novel for young adults which presents a fictional romantic story in an inventive and compelling way.