Thursday, February 2

Destinations Without Maps (3#) -

The Nightjack Case has never become strictly past tense. The betrayal of the police officer blogger still seems to resonate, so that we can't just turn the page and put it behind us. A much belated inquiry continues.

How's Jim Romenesko doing? Dan Reimold has written a nice feature piece at PBS on the former institutional blogger/aggregator. Romenesko's independent blog has been developing into a real destination. He blogs with a livelier hand, a newly recognizable voice, and a more conversational style. His new blog covers a wider range of Media-related topics, some of which may be viewed as a bit quirky.

It turns out that Romenesko came out of a somewhat quirky background. He used to document the world of Zines. Some might regard zines as a precursor to blogs. Reimold links us to this other world as Jim reflected on it last December.