Thursday, February 16

It's Not Always Sunny in Philly - (6#) -

Self-taught Bronx puppeteer . . .
establishing Castle Hill Puppeteers to train younger generation in the art. Nilda Garces, a vivacious 74-year-old grandmother, started working with marionettes as a hobby, but it gradually became a way of life for her.

:: Puppet Lady :: Feature Story
By Tanyanika Samuels at the NYDN

# Who controls your news? Buzz Bissinger writes an Op-Ed piece expressing his concerns about who will tell Philadelphia's story.

# From the same wonderful folks who've brought us
Neon Tommy, now comes Intersections, a Hyper Local online for South LA.

# In these tough times, it's comforting to know
 that Private Eye, a satirical magazine, is thriving.